Scaling retail startup

Building a resilient, scalable supply chain.

Our client is a consumer goods business, that maintains an international expansion. Their growth causes requirements particularly on the supply chain department. Learn more how we engaged with them to capture, analize and deduct relevant options for the future direction within a cross-functional approach.


Shape and align the way forward.

We worked as external consultants with the COO and his team of sourcing, production, logistics and IT. We created clarity on the future goals and opportunities to address identified and weighted challenges.
  • Capture as-is situation
  • Goals and KPIs framework
  • Alignment workshops
  • Strategic portfolio management

Capture as-is situation

Grasp complex decision spaces.

The discovery started with interviewing the leadership team and reviewing documents. We processed and captured the stack of topics in the supply chain. With our documentation we gave a large amout of visibility on the entire supply chain complex. That made it easy for the client to quickly onboard managers in strategy decisions and identifying opportunities for the future.

Alignment workshops

Collaborative leaders and teams.

We involved all supply chain department heads in collaborative workshop sessions. That brought together a maximum of knowledge and perspectives. It also raised awareness for each person’s impact supporting the team alignment.

Goals and KPIs framework

Levers and metrics to align in the team.

In a combined top-down and bottom-up approach we translated company goals to mid level management. Together with the client team we identified leverages to contribute to the overall goals and defined metrics to track success.

Strategic portfolio management

Data driven planning and decision making.

The rapid development of the company involved a high number of projects and planning to manage, track and monitor. We developed concepts and implemented solutions in the business software to break down progress to indicators and enable data driven decision making.


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