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Our client's employees are working at over 15 locations. Interaction and exchange should foster transparency across all sites. At the same time, the transfer of sensitive data to changing recipient groups must be ensured. Find out more about how we work together to create an inspiring, modern solution that reaches everyone.


An inviting every-day employee exchange platform.

With a consultant's view of the big picture, an eye for design details and the involvement of all decision-makers, we provided our client with holistic support. Our analyses, design services and project management experience ultimately resulted in an effective software solution.
  • Focus on user needs
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Modern and playful interface

User types and use cases

Focused analysis through user centered research

In order to understand user needs and usage scenarios, we analysed the different user types. This made it possible to incorporate relevant findings into the design and ensure the alignment of the software. With a clear focus on the required functions, we were able to capture the requirements for an innovative platform.

Architecture and processes

Streamlined user experience.

In order to create an intuitive and efficient user experience, we have revised the information architecture and optimised user flows. Content is now structured in a clearer and more accessible way. Users reach their desired destination reliably and quickly.

Screens and components

Modern and playful user interface

We have created an user interface that takes the user experience to a whole new level. Using prototypes, we were able to refine various design concepts. In doing so, we harmonised the visual appearance with the functional requirements and ultimately implemented a seamless and appealing user experience.


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