Manufacturing quality control

Efficiency gains through digital operations and data insights.

Zettl, a leading service provider in quality management for the automotive industry, stands out as a progressive company in the field of digitalization. The management team approached the path group to boost the performance of their proprietary software solution and improve the efficiency of data analysis. Find out how our partnership led to a significant increase in employee productivity, valuable business insights from inventory data and more efficient resource allocation.


From discovery to product in 35 days.

Our role as strategists ranged from analysis to product definition. In five sprints, we worked closely and intensively with the management on the strategic direction of Zettl's bespoke software solution and with the operational staff on process optimization.
  • Business Analysis & User Research
  • Journey Mapping & Process Assessment
  • Analysis of system landscape & data points
  • Defining strategic action areas
  • UX Concept & UI Design


Foundation for a product with real added value.

Through interviews, on-site observations and team workshops, we took a close look at the day-to-day reality of the employees. This enabled us to gain valuable insights into their actual requirements and uncover improvement potential. We compared the business objectives with the needs of the employees in order to obtain a comprehensive picture for informed, strategic decisions.


Employees at the center of the process.

In a combined top-down and bottom-up approach we translated company goals to mid level management. Together with the client team we identified leverages to contribute to the overall goals and defined metrics to track success.

Product strategy

Improvement areas with the greatest impact.

The improvement of the in-house software solution was aimed at speeding up processes, reducing errors and improving data quality. Manual order monitoring processes were converted into an automated solution. We focused on important measures to achieve our goals and achieved cost reductions by minimizing processes and increasing efficiency. No delays in invoicing, fewer errors and better insights into profitability were achieved by analyzing key issues, implementing solutions and estimating ROI.


Automation and role-specific features

By automating data collection and analysis, the revised version of ZELDA now provides real-time profitability forecasting and eliminates the errors of previous manual data transfers. The redesigned interface provides transparency on the job progress for all, and in addition, a personalized interface for each role to access information relevant to them.

Usability & User Experience

Precise data analysis and informative interfaces.

Detailed data analysis improve risk control through a customized dashboard. An intuitive UI design, sophisticated design system and clear product definition enable comprehensive solution development. A clear dashboard for job coordinators and foremen was developed to efficiently monitor and manage all ongoing jobs, with personalization and filtering capabilities.

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