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Turn visions into exceptional products, services and hybrid ecosystems that matter. To deliver significant value, we put the user at the heart of things and consider all relevant aspects in order to design the best overall outcome. Our product design service allows you to master complex product or service conceptions. Whether you're looking to launch a new product or improve an existing one, our product design service is here to move forward with you. Working with us means using the power of design for solutions that are as unique as your organization. Create innovative and successful solutions with us.
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What our product design service is about

Product design is all about defining and optimizing market-ready products and services that solve user problems. Through an iterative process, design composes a complex set of aspects, including business, strategy, marketing, and technology. Examples can include configurable living modules, digital microfinance services, circular delivery boxes, control panels for smart home data, or intranet platforms for employee branding. Design is not just about coming up with an idea, it’s a successful solution is that has the user at the heart of things. We believe that reframing the way value is created unlocks innovation potential. That’s why our product design is built upon our visionary, imaginative mindset. We take a holistic approach to problem-solving by combining the expertise of all major product design angles. Our strategic thinking resonates with your business goals and market environment. We carefully consider all aspects, from brand to tech and sustainability, to craft the best solution to the task at hand.

The way we make things happen with our product design service

We apply a mix of exploration, user empathy, business strategy, technical knowledge, and pioneering creativity that is geared to the task at hand. We cover the entire process from research, analysis, and idea generation to testing and production readiness. Clearly, there is no one-size-fits-it-all way of doing things. We utilize our years of experience while simultaneously understanding the power of disrupting the norm in order to tailor the way forward with you. When setting up, we empathize with the targeted users and conduct research. This approach allows us to gain a deep understanding of the individuals for whom the solution will provide value. We care deeply about your goals and specific organisational requirements. Our ideation and conception processes are hands-on and quickly lead to mock-ups and tangible results. This way we drive transparency, fast learning iteration and successful decision making throughout the process. With our product design service we carefully consider all aspects of a problem and apply a structured approach to find creative solutions until we achieve the final design as you wish.

All things product design come together with the experience

Form follows function and, with us, function unfolds in the user’s experience. Designing is about creating something that people love to use. To achieve this, user centricity is key. We deeply empathize with your users and put them at the heart of things to deliver real value throughout their journey. Our goal is to create the simplest, most effective, most relevant, and best user experience possible. This can be anything from the ease with which users complete their desired tasks, to how a physical product feels and to how easy it is to onboard a software tool. It is the overall user experience that can create a competitive advantage. We are aware of every detail that builds up your product’s experience. By putting ourselves in the shoes of the user, we are able to understand their behaviors, emotions and motivations. We create concept studies and think in user flows. We build prototypes and test to iterate the product design from an early stage. Ultimately, our product design service enables you to deliver solutions that meet the needs of their users and drive successful innovation.

Product ecosystems for transformative businesses

Taking a broader view on creating value for people involves benefiting from higher innovation, increased customer satisfaction and better differentiation. It requires encompassing products and processes together to generate an all-round satisfying experience through a unique service ecosystem. Such product-service solutions include IIoT, mobile banking, e-scooter sharing, or circular systems. With our product design service, we deliver unique and compelling designs for service ecosystems. We go beyond the individual interactions and touchpoints to transform them into  service products. By mapping out the big picture and using these opportunities, we contribute to achieving successful and transformative business outcomes. Working with us means experiencing the tangible benefits of a comprehensive service ecosystem. By leveraging our expertise in service opportunities for innovation, we uncover unaddressed user needs, leading to the creation of innovative products and services.

In our product design service, visionary imagination meets structured processes

Developing innovative and successful portfolios of products and services is one of the central and most complex tasks of any company. We believe that both creativity and structure are equally important for groundbreaking product design and development. Our approach combines the power of visionary imagination and creativity with a deep understanding of structural and procedural knowledge. The success of the product depends on how well a product meets the needs of the user while considering all relevant aspects that arise in the specific challenge. Our approach allows us to consider not only requirements such as business objectives, product strategy and technical requirements, but also social and ecological aspects. We use the full power of design by bringing together multiple areas of requirements and interests into the best overall solution.

We stay committed to your product design from ideation to execution

Our work is not just about coming up with a new idea, but also about being able to execute it. Our approach to product design service allows us to stay focused and deliver, even in challenging endeavors. We support you from an early stage throughout the entire process flow down to implementation. In doing so, our goal is to make a significant contribution to your success. Our team of experts carefully considers all the requirements of a product, including business objectives, product strategy, technical requirements, aesthetics, and social and environmental impact. We can develop a comprehensive, concrete understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how it can be achieved. We are used to working at the intersection of other disciplines in order to develop cutting-edge innovations. For this reason, our process skills involve close collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders.

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