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Structured and aggregated research data.​

Structured and aggregated research data base.

You will have all research results within a data base. Your market participants and the corresponding characteristics examined build the basic structure of all information. This allows you to trace the assessment results from the big picture to there very detail.

Structured and aggregated research data base.
Accessible insights through data visualization.

Accessible insights through data visualization.​

Accessible insights through data visualization.

Relevant insights will be pulled together to a set of meaningful charts. Our infographics transform the aggregated data into a digestible format. The visualizations make the data speak and accessible. That is the fundament to illustrate relationships, patterns and trends and gain new insights from the research results.

Executive material for your successful strategy making.​

Executive material for your successful strategy making.

Together with our summary, you will receive a comprehensive report on the results. The report puts all the collected data and findings together in one document. With included presentation slides, you receive effective material for your presentation and decision-making process. Of course, a maximum of customization such as brand design or integration into your knowledge management system is possible.

Executive material for your successful strategy making.
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Get the business compass to make market driven decisions.​

Capture your market

Compare players and solutions, their characteristics and other key aspects based on structured, detailed, up-to-date insights.

Discover patterns and trends

Understand your competition and their performance. Uncover opportunities and gaps for relevant features and potential USPs.

Informed strategy development

Understand the success criteria for innovation and business development. Align your strategy and prioritize initiatives based on data.

The 3 steps to your market monitor.​

Our aim is to make you progress in the best possible way. To achieve this, we tailor our approach so that you get the most out of it. Taking your specific requirements to heart, we develop the analysis that will take you further.


We scope your quest making sure to assess the competitors and features at the required level of detail to meet your needs.


We process the available data to derive market insights like basic entry criteria, outperfomers, trends and more.


We visualize the data to become tangible and pull together all research results in a comprehensive documentation.

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