Cases Studies

Design-led, human-centric and impact-driven innovation.

Our track record

Circular logistics system

European wholesaler


Internal communication and data visualisation for supply chain department

Berlin brand for premium tea culture


Digital platform for HR and internal communication

German IT systems company


Corporate Design & Webdesign

Deutsches Unternehmen für die Gestaltung von Außenanlagen

eCommerce configurator for modular housing

German floating house startup


Banking software for people in emerging countries

US-based neo-banking startup


Customizable living concept for a modular floating house

German boat industry startup


Co-creation workshop with European industry leader

Berlin innovation consulting


Signage headquarters

Television Station


Diverse range of ommunication material

Non-profit research institution on legal framework of the energy transition


Design and concept of spatial branding system

Representitive for the energy and water industry

Coaching for students in a live business case with an SME

French business school


eCommerce configurator and online outfit manager for teams

German workwear manufacturer


Scenarios for a building operation system user experience

Berlin smart city startup


Modern e-learning platform for financial advisors

Berlin education startup


Fitness app for people with rare deceases

Berlin new health startup


B2B ecommerce platform for premium aquatic products

European wholesaler


Corporate Design, Website and Marketing Collateral

Project management and accounting platform


Exhibition display – foyer at European headquarters

Automotive manufacturer


Creative concept exhibtion stand

Centre of Innovation for mid-market enterprise

Tools and methods for remote coaching

Berlin innovation consulting


Dispatch software for zero emission last mile delivery in urban areas

Sustainable logistics startup


Rebranding – Ein neuer Look für ein nachhaltiges Mobilitäts Startup

E-scooter startup


App Design

E-scooter startup


Corporate Design, business stationery, visuals for Social Media presence

IT Professional


Exhibition display – international automitive fair trade

Automotive manufacturer


Concept exhibition identities, graphic design exhibition and marketing collateral

Immersive artist exhibitions

Grocery app to reduce or recycle household waste

Berlin sustainablity consulting


Concept exhibition identity, exhibiton design and marketing collateral, exhbition book

Immersive artist in collaboration with major European museum

Hybrid ecommerce and social media app for lifestyle products

Berlin digital agency


New global website and climate data dashboard for cities around the globe

Berlin digital agency


Design sprint and prototyping for global food brand

Global innovation consulting


Sustainability criteria for a new product develoment

Global leader in cosmetics


Exploring sustainability potentials

Iranian packaging manufacturer


Concept exhibition identity, graphic design and installation for exhibition and marketing collateral

Immersive artist exhibition


Sales and marketing website

Event location

Sustainability potentials in design education

German environmental agency

Startup consulting and seminars on digital product design basics

Rwanda IT startup network


First Changemaker City Event in Africa

Global association of social entrepreneurs


Online presence

Immersive artist


Identity, marketing material

Event location

Identity, Corporate Design, business stationery, website visuals

Event location

Transformative lighting objects based on LED

European lighting manufacturer


Scenographic exhibition on baroque Dresden

European exhibition designer


Development and identity of exhibition newspaper

Immersive artist

New Workplace communication – communication material and extensive set of icons

International energy company


Online presence – Creative concept and visuals

Advertising agency


Development and identity of employee newsletter – European Divison

Major pharmaceutical manufacturer