User Profiles

Build your ideas on relevant user insights

Acquiring a thorough understanding of your customers or employees to provide successful products and services.

  • Enhance customer & employee satisfaction
  • Boost loyalty and retention
  • Amplify user engagement in meaningful ways
  • Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities
What you get

Get to know your users and their needs.

Comprehensive insights

Thanks to a detailed analysis and comprehensive profiling, the needs of your customers or employees become clear to everyone.


Based on a deep understanding of your users, we enable you to build solutions that meet the needs of targeted user groups.


The resulting user profiles support development and innovation teams to be aligned on user needs, pains, and gains.

The 3 steps for creating user profiles.

Our work is driven by a streamlined process, dynamically adapted to meet your unique business goals.


We understand your business objectives and the user types, goals, and cases your product address.


We synthesize the gained user insights to identify patterns in user needs and their jobs-to-be-done.


We infuse insights about your users back into your organization.

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Target audience

Specified user groups.

Segmenting your audience into distinct user groups based on shared needs and motivations is our starting point. This essential step forms the basis for identifying the number and nature of personas and ensuring that each group is accurately represented in the future development process.


Uncovered pains and motivations.

Our personas are visual, clear, and concise representations of your key user groups. They offer insights into who your products and services are designed for, facilitating informed decision-making. This process enhances user empathy and embeds a user-centric mindset within your organization.


Shared needs and differentiations.

Our analysis brings to light a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs, motivations, and behavioral drivers. By highlighting both the similarities and differences between users, we create a basis for identifying innovative soltutions and how to adapt existing ones.


What our clients say.

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