Digital Prototyping

Fast paced design through prototyping.

Accelerate from idea to product and make sure you build the right thing.

  • Reduce development risks
  • Validate concepts fast
  • Win support for your vision
  • Limit costs
  • Allocate resources effectively
What you get

Get your product concept into a real world user experience.


Prototypes ultimately make your idea tangible like nothing else, with no coding needed. Win people through a convincing presentation.


Whether you have just an idea for for a product, or you’re ready to test somethig mature: Put it into a product experience for real feedback.


Accelerate from idea to delivery with rapid learning and improvement cycles and stay on track to build the right thing.

How it works

The 3 steps to your market prototype.

Building something great together, for us, means a learning journey that repeats fast loops between build and evaluate. That includes validation and focussing resources effectively to move forward the right direction. Every prototypes runs through the steps, getting more and more mature.

1 Briefing

We define the purpose, scope, and fidelity of the prototype.

2 Build

We create a prototype with the required depth, maturity and interactive elements for your project stage.

3 Evaluate

We gather insights from users, tech and business, enhancing a most successful next stage.

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UX concept

Interactive experience .

Features, interactions and user flows are implemented within one clickable artifact. Specific use cases are reflected to address targeted user groups and scenarios.

User interface design

Credible appearance.

The visual design is mature for targeted usability testing and definition of the most appealing UI design. Screen layouts contain all elements and actions at the right scale. The look and feel is brought into the real world.

Test and validate

Simply effective presentation.

It’s easy to share the prototype with your target group. A remotely accessible link allows you to have a high range for testing. You can also embed the link to project management software, so your team can inspect and comment, allowing for close collaboration and the breaking down of silos.


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Accelerate from idea to product with us.
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